Take notice that West Deerfield Township in Lake County, Illinois, pursuant to “An Act regulating wages of laborers, mechanics, and other workers employed in any public works by the State, county, city, or any public body or any political subdivision or by anyone under contract for public works,” (820 ILCS 130/), has determined on, and as effective from June 1, 2015, that the general prevailing rate of wages in this locality for laborers, mechanics, and other workmen engaged in the construction of public works coming under the jurisdiction of West Deerfield Township is the same as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor for Lake County, Illinois as of June 16, 2015.  A copy of the full ordinance and the Department of Labor determination is available for inspection by any interested party in the main office of West Deerfield Township, located at 601 Deerfield Road, Deerfield, Illinois, 60015, and to any employer or associate of employers and any person or association of employees who have file, or file their names and addresses, requesting copies of same.
Kristen Scott
West Deerfield Township Clerk

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